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STROLL and now RIDE! Using, with two rentals stations in the Village. Click for bike stations.

A few blocks south of downtown, German Village Historic District is 233 acres of history where old meets new. The result is a revitalized community proudly preserving its past for generations to come.

Our homes and businesses are close to the sidewalk. Our brick streets are narrow. There are no buildings taller than three stories anywhere in our historic footprint. The scope and setback of our architecture is part of what makes our sense of place so powerful.

Don’t miss our beautiful, vibrant parks as you stroll, including Schiller Park at the heart of the Village – where Actors’ Theatre Company draws thousands of visitors with its FREE Shakespeare performances all summer long.

German Village is a pedestrian-friendly neighborhood that can best be appreciated on foot, in order to truly experience the unique architecture, brick-paved streets and beautiful parks including:

Schiller Park
Frank Fetch Park
Huntington Gardens
Grace Highfield Memorial Garden

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