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Business Spotlight: Pet Groomers Add Twist

-by Thomas Leone

allaboutdogsOn the corner of Thurman Avenue and Jaeger Street you will find a top-of-the-line pet grooming service. It is All About the Dogs Pet Wash and is owned by German Village resident Sara Treneff. All About the Dogs first opened its doors here in German Village six years ago. Sara has owned it for the past three.

All About the Dogs is not like most pet grooming places. Sara and her staff of six make it a priority to fit their services to the wants and needs of their clients. Unlike a corporate business, the workers at All About the Dogs Pet Wash are very flexible with their schedules and services and will change them around to fit the wants and needs of their customers. That’s a perk many corporate groomers can’t offer, Sara said.

Sara and her staff perform all types of grooming services. They do baths, ear cleaning/plucking, nail trimming, tooth brushing, hair cutting and much more. Although their specialty is dogs, there are two workers on staff that do cat grooming as well. They have two types of services that are offered to their clients: full-service and self-service.

The full-service option has four options: Quick Bath (basic bath and brush), Deluxe Bath & Brush (quick bath, ear cleaning, nail trim, sanitary trim upon request and tooth brushing), Standard Grooming (combines Deluxe Bath & Brush with a basic trim) and Premium Grooming (includes specialty and all-over cuts, designed for longer-haired dogs.) A normal service usually lasts about three hours.

Their self-service option allows you to give your own dog a bath in their tubs. The staff will provide you with all of the supplies and will handle the cleanup afterwards. They provide you with a great variety of shampoos and conditioners, dryers, towels, brushes and colognes. They also have entry ramps into the tub for larger dogs.

The staff at All About the Dogs also provide a unique service that you don’t see at many places. They give you the option to dye your dog’s hair. This option is very popular in the pet industry and the dogs love it. It is very easy to do and does not take a very long time to complete, Sara said. It usually takes 15 to 20 minutes. The dyes they use are always pet safe. Before they start the complete dye, Sara and her staff test it out on a small area of the dog to make sure it does not irritate them and that it is what the owner wants.

There are different dyes you can choose that last different lengths of time. The shorter-length dyes last one to two days while the longer lasting dyes will last four to six weeks. Sara does not recommend doing the dye on dark-haired dogs.

Sara loves the German Village community and loves calling it home to her business and herself. Her business is part of the GVBC because she feels it is a great way to stay involved in German Village. She believes this is the ideal place for her business because it is a very big dog community. She also loves how friendly everyone is in the area.

“This community is a little hometown in a big city,” said Treneff when describing her love for German Village.

German Village is a big part of Sara’s and her business’ future.

“I have no intention of moving, I love it here” said Sara.


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