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Spotlight: Seasoning Traditional American Tables with European Elegance and Craftsmanship at Caternina Ltd.


Seasoning Traditional American Tables with European Elegance and Craftsmanship


     Catherine Adams will tell you that she took a “leap of faith” when she opened Caterina Ltd., a European housewares shop, in the heart of German Village in 2003.  The timing was not at all what she had originally envisioned but the events of 9/11 caused the successful attorney of twenty-five years to accelerate what had originally been a plan for her retirement years. “It helped me realize that I wanted to reconnect with the European “art of life” sooner rather than later. “ states Adams.

     Adams, who spent a portion of her childhood in Europe and is fluent in German, French and Italian, recalls developing a love of the Italian Maiolica ceramics (tin glazed earthenware) at a very early age. “I loved how the colors popped after the glaze was melted.  I recognized how much care went into making the pieces beautiful but I also appreciated the intention for them to be durable and practical.  That’s how I came to understand that everyday items could, and frankly should, be both artful and useful.  That concept is applied to everything we carry in this store.”

      Caterina Ltd. carries a wide range of Italian ceramics and French, Polish and German ceramics as well.  In fact it is the largest selection of European tableware found in central Ohio.  A variety of fine European linens, including the full line of Garnier-Thiebaut jacquards as well as some lines from Pardi Tessitura, compliment her table and glassware offerings.  French tapestry bags from France Royal Tapisserie help supplement Caterina’s European offerings, as does a line of lavender body care products from Chateau du Bois from Provence, France.

      The second floor of Caterina Ltd., which Adams refers to as Gallery 2, has walls speckled with paintings by local Columbus-based artists and is the home of Caterina’s year-round European Christmas Room featuring hand-crafted holiday decorations from Nutcrackers to Old St Nick ceramics from Vietri.  Gallery 3, the third floor, provides a more traditional gallery-like space that showcases the bulk of the featured local artists and provides space for Carlisle Designer fashion trunk shows hosted by Caterina Ltd.  “Our space is consistent with our products – creative and beautiful but very functional,” boasts Adams, who is gearing up for Caterina’s biggest season of the year.

     “The holidays are a time when people gather around the table to enjoy great food and good conversation and nothing invites that more than a beautifully set table.   And it just so happens that gorgeous table settings are a specialty of ours,” states Adams with a wink.  She continues, “And it doesn’t require a full setting of Italian ceramics.  We can work with what you have – a few accent pieces and colorful linens can make a huge impact.”

     Adams has clearly embraced the “art of life” mantra she established ten years ago.  She finishes with, “I encourage people to be imaginative, mix and match, and enjoy the process.  Oh, and one last thing… holiday entertaining can be stressful.   Having stunning French culinary porcelain or Polish pottery that can go from the fridge to the oven to the table can help with that.”

Caterina Ltd.
571 South Third Street
Columbus, Ohio 43215

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